Keyword Density

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Keyword Density – How Much is Too Much?

Before indulging in a altercation of how abundant body of keywords should a webpage alluringly contain, it is all-important to yield a attending at what a keyword is? A keyword is a chat that the user searches for if application the seek engine. Keywords are the action of the seek engines. The arrangement of the keyword to the absolute amount of words actualization on the web page is accepted as the keyword density. One of the a lot of analytical aspects of seek engine optimization, it can be acclimated as a agency in free whether a web page is accordant for a defined keyword or keyword phrase.

Almost all the seek engine algorithms accord importance, in capricious degrees, to the amount of times a keyword appears on a web page. Each seek engine is apparent by a altered adding of keywords. While some acquiesce a ample keyword body on the webpage, others like Google abode a absolute on it. In adjustment to abstain seek spamming through keyword stuffing, seek engines aswell apparatus measures added than keyword density.

Ideal keyword density

There is abundant allocution about the ideal keyword body of a web page. The bottomline actuality is that there is no deride aphorism apropos the ideal keyword body in a website, mainly because the seek engines change their algorithms frequently. Also, altered seek engines acquiesce a altered keyword density. So, while a added than 2% keyword body is advised spamming by Google, MSN and Yahoo acquiesce a advanced 5% keyword body in a web page. While some seek engines attach added accent to keywords in your title, meta tags and web copy, Google - the a lot of important seek engine, searches for keywords in your web page text.

Also the ideal keyword body changes with the blazon of keywords. If the keyword is awful competitive, the website buyer should focus on not added than one chat per page. Pages with low aggressive keywords should alluringly focus aloft two or three keywords per page. Added generally than not, seek agreement comprise of moderately aggressive keywords. Such keywords accept to be acclimated on the home page, and accept to be affiliated with centralized acknowledging pages.

Ideal keyword body is added of a ambit than a figure. A 1% - 7% keyword body is what any web page should aim for. A 1% keyword body is accomplished by inserting a keyword already in every 100 words of text, and so on. But a keyword acclimated already in every thousand words would beggarly a watered down keyword density, which, in turn, will mar the affairs of your website addition top in the seek engine aftereffect pages.

Keyword optimization

For a seek engine to rank your web website highly, focus on one or two keywords per page. This will acquiesce the spiders to be assertive of the appliance of your page agreeable to the keyword. Keeping a one-keyword-per-page action is the best bet. Autograph a minimum of 250 words creates abundant agreeable to by itself cover a acceptable keyword density.

All this being about keyword body is able in seek engine enhancement alone for keywords that are beneath than awful competitive. Fiercely aggressive keyword agreement such as ‘Search Engine Optimization' cannot assure a acceptable baronial with seek engines, even with keyword body as top as 60%. This goes on to appearance that seek engines abode added accent on added elements such as entering links or ballast texts. To advance seek engine ranking, your keyword body accept to not be too top or too low.

Another view

While abounding seek engine optimizers affirm by this aspect of seek engine enhancement to advance rankings, abounding others are quick to abnegate this theory, pointing out the accent of autograph for the visitors instead of seek engines. Citing the rankings of web pages with a keyword body as top as 20% alongside the aforementioned of web pages with a keyword body of 2%, these experts prove their point. A acceptable ranking, according to them, is the aftereffect of accordant agreeable absorption on the affair of your website, which is anyways apprenticed to cover the keyword. Losing visitors can be attributed to affected address ups that are advisedly keyword stuffed. The use of agnate words instead of the aforementioned keyword afresh and afresh will access your article's credibility. The seek engines too, accept started absorption added on semantic affiliation amid words instead of artlessly relying on keyword density, in their endeavor to barrier spamming.


While it cannot be denied that keyword body is one of the aspects of seek engine optimization, it is absolutely not the alone factor. Losing your beddy-bye over accomplishing the exact keyword body in your web pages will not advice your rankings much. Autograph meaningful, accordant content, after aggravation about the keyword density, is the key to acceptable ranking.