Keyword Research Software

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It is not surprising that there's a wide choice of keyword research software available across the internet. Most online advertisers and web operators are very conscious about available aids and technology that they could use better to tap into target audiences. Keyword research software is something you should maybe consider before you produce any article or content for the purpose of selling products and services to online customers.

But in reality, the research required to see which actual keywords produce any sort of results at all with any keyword research software, is down to continual testing and re-testing. These "trial and error" type programs, including the free Google keyword tool, are time consuming and not guaranteed to actually work.

Keyword research software usually works in the same way:
  • You provide a starting point, a keyword or keyword phrase related to the content of a specific niche.
  • The tool starts to find as many 'related' keywords as it can.
  • You wait for the tool.
  • You select the keywords you're interested in for further analysis of SEO or PPC competition etc.
  • Any keywords that pass the previous step are typically looked at manually to see what the competitive landscape is.
Hopefully you stumble upon a keyword or two that you can use.

Fortunately, for all frustrated website creators, article writers and online entrepreneurs there's a revolutionary solution that puts an end to the tedious keyword research and guarantees targeted traffic to your content.

Unique keyword research software IMeye, uses a proprietary method of gathering the best keywords on a daily basis. All the analysis and research is complete before the software is even launched by the user, and then stores them in a vast database ready to be acted upon. The advantage over other keyword research programs is enormous because it finds keyword opportunities without having to point it in the right direction. Basically, you don't find the keywords, they find you.

You don't have to do any of the following:
  • You don't need starting point keywords.
  • You don't have to wade through 80-90% of the keywords that are garbage...
  • You don't need to wait around while the tool sits and churns through its analysis.
  • You don't need to look at keywords that are obviously too expensive to use for PPC.
  • You don't need to see keywords that are too competitive to make quick progress with SEO.
  • You simply no longer need to stumble around in the dark hoping to bump into profitable keywords because IMeye will choose them for you.
The data this software stores for each keyword phrase continually is phenomenal, it includes:
  • Number of searches
  • Number of competing pages in Google
  • Number of keywords in the site title competing pages in Google
  • Number of words in the keyword phrase
  • Adwords bid estimates: the highest and lowest
  • The top 10 web sites in the Google search engine rankings
  • The adwords ads that are running
  • Which Clickbank products have been promoted using this keyword phrase
  • Which affiliate offer categories have been promoted using this keyword phrase
  • If physical goods being sold for this keyword
  • If there any "exact" domain matches present in the top 10 of the search engine rankings
  • If Amazon in the top 10 of the search engine rankings
  • If Yahoo Answers in the top 10 of the search engine rankings