SEO Rankings With Press Releases

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How To Increase SEO Rankings With Press Releases

Traditionally press releases were used to let people know about a newsworthy piece. With the passage of time, people shifted their gaze to electronic media and as a result, the mode of press releases changed a lot. Now press releases are also written for promoting online businesses. When writing for the web, your main aim is to see that your SEO content is properly optimized by the search engines and this, help in improving the ranking of your website. Writing press releases can be advantageous as press releases when structured accurately, that is framed with proper keywords, can increases search engine rankings.

Nowadays, press releases are not just distributed to usual offline media hubs. These releases are widely circulated to online news portals and platforms, bloggers and important search engines. So, it is essential to create powerful and professional press releases that can generate good traffic to your site. Professional web content writing services can help you with this process by producing updated and informative press releases.

Press releases help in increasing SEO rankings. Suppose you distribute your press release through a well-known newswire like Business Wire or PR Newswire, you can incorporate links that link back to your site. The online readers who find the release interesting will click on the links and visit your site. You can even link a particular keyword or keyword phrase which the web spiders use while marking your site.

Press releases are syndicated to different sites. Now by linking a keyword or keyword phrase, you can get many back links to your site. This will help your site gain higher rank when marked by the web spiders. When writing for the web, you can abide by the following techniques to increase SEO rankings with press releases.

Keep your press releases short and to the point.
  • When writing content for SEO keywords are the key factors. However, when writing press releases emphasize on optimizing one keyword for each release. Emphasizing on a lot of keywords will reduce the value of the links.
  • When writing SEO content, always search for the relevant and appropriate keywords/keyword phrases. You can take help of various tools like GoodKeywords or Wordtracker.
  • When linking the keyword, make sure it opens to a relevant webpage on your site other than the homepage.
  • Always ensure to include the relevant keyword/keyword phrase several times in the body of the article and in the heading, at least once.
Press releases are the most lucrative ways to market your services or products. Just give a little time to optimize the press releases and you can generate good traffic to your site and get proper URLs that can increase rankings of your site.