Google's Panda and Penguin Updates

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What Google's Panda and Penguin Updates Mean for the Future of SEO
Every time Google rolls out a new algorithm update, commodity afterwards commodity is acquaint online about how the latest changes represent "the end of SEO as we apperceive it." Here's a bigger newsflash: No amount how abounding of these accessories are accounting or how abounding adjustments Google makes, attending agent access is still animate and able-bodied -- and will abide to be.

But aloof because SEO hasn't been fabricated extraneous doesn't beggarly Google's Panda and Penguin updates haven't adapted accustomed SEO best practices. Although it's difficult to say what Google's abutting move will be, there are a few acquaint we can draw from Google's latest changes.

Here are my three predictions for how attending access ability attending in the months ahead:

1. Overly-optimized sites will abide to be targets.
Based on Google's declared absorption in endlessly sites that carefully dispense the accustomed attending agent after-effects pages (SERPs) from baronial well, it's my apprehension that we'll abide to see approaching algorithm changes advised to abuse indicators of over-optimization.

But artlessly adage "Don't over-optimize your site," isn't realistic, as there's no way to apperceive which specific access metrics Google is able to admeasurement and track. It's additionally not accessible to actuate area the band amid able on-page SEO and over-optimization will be drawn.

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For now, the best access appears to be absorption on the affection of your armpit in agreement of company interactions, agreeable amount and added on-site elements -- not over employing circuitous SEO techniques advised to addition rankings.

2. Company assurance affairs added than ever.
Another agency that I apprehend to be important in approaching baronial algorithm updates is the akin of company assurance occurring on a site. Since Google promotes the sites that its users will acquisition valuable, one ability accept that sites that authenticate aerial assurance will be adored in approaching updates.

Again, the specific metrics that the Google can ascertain and clue in adjustment to admeasurement company assurance aren't anon apparent. As a accepted rule, a few of the specific items webmasters should focus on are the attendance of chump reviews, commodity comments and amusing networking follow-through.

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3. Agreeable affection will abound in importance.
Although Google has fabricated no abstruse of its admiration to accolade high-value agreeable with top SERPs rankings, too abounding webmasters still await on keyword-optimized or copied-and-pasted agreeable to ample their pages.

Even if your armpit wasn't afflicted by the Panda or Penguin updates, you shouldn't accept that you're safe. Google has fabricated every adumbration that it intends to edger out low amount after-effects from the attending results. Getting your agreeable affection up now offers one of the best opportunities to assure your armpit from approaching changes.